Today, as it has happened for many decades, changes in organizations are in motion. Those organizations that cannot adapt to such changes suffer the consequences, which affects their normal operation, growth and development of their future plans. The Miyazato School is no stranger to this, which is why it has always been conducted with emphasis on aspects such as innovation, continuous improvement, sustainability, among others. That is why in 2020, after hard work, the institutional organizational chart was formalized, formed by the staff that will help Sensei Masatoshi Miyazato to walk this path of constant changes, making the institution more reactive against them.

If you want to know the organizational structure that we have talked about previously, click on this image to download the document.

From the first steps of Sensei Shoei Miyazato with the Miyazato School, it was always its main goal to promote essential values to deliver exemplary citizenship to society. This objective is now carried out by Sensei Masatoshi Miyazato, it is a clear commitment to the sustainable development of the School

Because of the facts previously mentioned, a certification was awarded to the Miyazato School from a prestigious entity in terms of sustainability such as the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), becoming the first institution of its kind in the world to obtain this distinction.

Welcome to Miyazato Dojo

Miyazato Dojo is synonymous of martial tradition. Heiress of centuries of evolution in the art of the Karate-Do offers, for fifty five years in Argentina, a sure and effective method to initiate and to be advanced in the study and practice of this martial art.


Miyazato school will provide you with

Traditional Karate Do Shorin Ryu Shidokan

No age restrictions Karate Do training provides confidence, reliability and self-control not only to young people but also to old ones, helping them to improve their living standards and life quality.

No gender distinction Men and women alike can learn this Martial Art

Classes for Children It helps children to develop certain physical skills such as quick reflexes and responses. By spending their energies they will be taught discipline, education and respect

Karate Do with No Frontiers Miyazato School proceeds along the objective and goal of Sensei Shoei Miyazato: to spread Karate Do all over the world




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